Sy’s family


My name is Sy. I am originally from the demilitarized zone (DMZ). I have lived in Phong Nha for four years to find an opportunity to work in tourism. I found Phong Nha is a great spot to develop sustainable tourism development to benefit community and local business. My wife and I decide to start the homestay under my name “Sy” to make people feel at home they are travelling in Phong Nha. I would love to share my homestay with people and share the experience of my life as well as show people about the beauty, the friendliness of my village. I speak good English. I am willing to help our clients when you are in Phong Nha

Huyen is my wife. A local girl, Huyen is passionate to turn her village into a homestay village to help her neighbors and the local rice farmers. Huyen speak good English, cook good Vietnamese food. Huyen always wants to show here village the world

Luna is our little daughter. She is 6 months old and very friendly. Please feel free to hold her and play with her